Golarion is the world and home of The Pathfinder Chronicles.

Book Requirements for this Campaign: Pathfinder Core Rulebook

Characteristics: Roll 3D6 for each Characteristic. Lowest roll becomes a 16 if the highest characteristic rolled <= 16. Can put into any order. Racial Bonuses are applied after this judgement and stat placement.

Characters will start at Level 1, and will start in ‘The River Kingdoms’ area of Golarion. The characters can originate from ‘The River Kingdoms’, or from other areas in Golarion. The Campaign itself will start in the city of Pitax located in the northeast corner of The River Kingdoms. You can describe how or why you are in Pitax in your character backgrounds.

Characters will benefit from background traits chosen from the area they grew up in, or from the ‘general traits’ area. In addition I am allowing the Pathfinder Chronicles Alternate Class Abilities located in the Campaign Setting Book which I will make available.

You can find Available Traits and Alternate Class Abilities in the wiki.

Here is a listing of available races to play in this campaign. Monsterous races are not available. All races could be from any city. To give you an idea of the racial spread in the River Kingdoms, the most common cities by Race are:
  • Dwarf – Mivon (6%), Daggermark (1%)
  • Elves – Hymbria (99%), Mivon (6%), Maashinelle (5%), Pitax (3%)
  • Gnome – Maashinelle (8%), Artume (7%), Uringen (5%/2%), Sevenarches (4%), Mivon (2%)
  • Half Elf – Maashinelle (11%), Uringen (12%/9%), Riverton (9%), Artume (4%), Cordelon (2%), Gralton (2%)
  • Halfling – Avendale (9%), Gralton (7%), Fort Liberthane (4%), Pitax (4%), Sevenarches (2%)
  • Half Orc – Tymon (12%), Artume (2%)
  • Human – ALL (85%+)

Human races most likely in this area (in order of likelihood): Chelaxian, Taldan, Varisian, Ulfen (especially in Uringen), Keleshite, Kellid.

Some areas have special schools, or really cater to grooming certain certain classes, but you can find a smattering of every class in every city:
  • Artume (N) – All Classes
  • Cordelon (N) – Ranger, Druid, Fighter, Sorcerer
  • Daggermark (CN) – Rogue, Fighter, Wizard
  • Gralton (CN) – All Classes
  • Hymbria (N) – Elves All Classes
  • Mashinelle (NE) – All Classes
  • Liberthane (LG) – Paladin, Fighter, Wizard, Cleric
  • Mivon (CN) – Fighter, Rogue
  • Pitax (CN) – Bard (The Academy of Grand Arts), Rogue, Fighter, Wizard
  • The Protectorate of the Black Marquis (CN) – Rogue, Fighter
  • Riverton (CN) – Cleric, Fighter, Rogue, Sorcerer
  • Sevenarches (N) – Druid, Ranger, Fighter
  • Touvette (LN) – Fighter (Conscription), Paladin, Cleric
  • Tymon (LN) – Fighter (Valknar Gladiatorial College), Rogue, Barbarian, Monk
  • Uringen – Unstuck (CN) – Wizard, Sorcerer
  • Uringen – Static (LN) – All Classes (Druid, Ranger, Herbalists, Alchemists)
  1. Your Race (if it is human, which race of human?)
  2. Choose 2 Traits from the Traits section in the Wiki
  3. Choose a Class
  4. Let me know what skills you are most likely to focus on
  5. If you take a familiar or pet let me know what type you chose
  6. Your name
  7. Your Familiar or Animal or Pet’s name

I will be writing your character background, determining your birthplace, and telling you what bonus skills and magic items you will start with, all the history you would know about the city/area you grew up in, and all the friends and relatives you know.

The River Kingdoms

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