The River Kingdoms

Letter 1 home

I'm okay!

Hi folks! It’s me, Lance. I thought I better write home and let you know where I am and how things are going.

As you know I signed up for another convoy escort, this one with a fellow named Phil. I wasn’t the only one to sign up though. There were a few others as well including a nearly blind fellow (maybe a girl, I dunno’) who left after we encountered our first episode of banditry.

Anyway…..I’ve managed to stay alive and make some decent gold too! I’m sending home exactly half of my earnings, which will be 145 gold coins! I might need the other 145 gold to buy supplies and such, but if not I promise to use it wisely.

Although we’ve encountered some bandits along the trail, which was to be expected, I am nearly just as concerned about some of the fellows this Phil merchant has hired. While the ladies seem a little eccentric and mysterious they seem okay. A country fellow named Jace is quiet and nice to, though he seldom seems around much, always stalking off ahead to “scout”.

There is one guy here who worries me a lot though. He pretends to be a honorable sort, with shiny armor, a great big horse and big loud words….but he has been killing prisoners and seems eager to start s fight. I think he might either been escaped criminal or has been touched by the gods somehow….an evil god at that!

The other fellow is named Wrath, and though I’m likely spelling his name wrong, it sounds the same and my spelling is more descriptive of him. He doesn’t seem as mean as the other fellow, but I think he is just more discreet….which is probably even more worrisome.

Thank gosh I have Bolt here to protect me! He has already helped save a little girl, then saved her mother, saved our caravan from an invisible thief then saved me! Bolt is truly a wonder dog. Even the lady wizard that travels with us tries to copy him with a magic spell…but there can’t be TWO Bolts and hers eventually fades away. Poor wizard lady. I think I’ll try and find her a real puppy, I think she is too proud to ask me where I got Bolt.

Anyway….I have to go soon, so I’ll wrap here. We made to some place called Olag’s Trading Post. He and his wife are really nice people. They try to run a business on these frontier lands but it is so far from everyplace I wonder how he makes a go of it. He is also a prime target for thieves and bandits, and so are his customers. Maybe I can sell some “easy to use” crossbows here to casual travelers , when I get around to making them.

I don’t know what to do know that my convoy duty is over. I never really planned that far ahead. I’ll look for more work, but if these two guys keep killing everyone I might have to leave before the authorities get interested in this group. I’m sure someone somewhere is meting out real justice, maybe even the gods!



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