The River Kingdoms

Pharast 21, 4708

The party arrives at Oleg’s early in the afternoon. Svetlana came out to meet the adventurers and welcome them to the Trading Post. After the long journey, some of the party members ask for a warm bed, and some food, and they happily offer this for a small fee.

Later in the evening Phil takes Oleg aside to ask if he’s heard word of a small patrol who was headed to pick up an item he was delivering. Rath stealthily sneaks close enough to listen in on the conversation. Oleg told Phil that his Trading post has been raided frequently by bandits and Restov was supposed to send help to him over a month ago. He hasn’t heard word from any force, and is quite upset about it, because he won’t be able to continue to operate without some assistance to repel the attacks. He also tells Phil that his goods will be at risk as well as long as he is staying there, and the patrol does not come.

Phil tells Oleg he will stick around for a couple of days and delay payment to the party to buy some time. He said his hired guards have proven to be very effective against bandits, and he feels safe while they are here.

Oleg tells Phil that the bandits seem to have a pattern, and they usually arrive at the gates an hour after sunrise, and suggests he has his guards ready.

The night goes by uneventfully.



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