The River Kingdoms

Pharast 23, 4708

Nearly one hour after sunrise the party who were scouting from the walls noticed a small party on horseback and a cart coming towards the fort. They prepare for ambush, and get into place. As the group comes closer to the gate, they are identified with by a flag from Restov.

Phil is relieved, and the shipment he had been hiding from the adventurers throughout the whole trip is finally revealed. It made sense now why he was willing to pay 600 gold for guards to assist him in his trip, and why they were traveling during the spring thaw (which was the worst time to travel). He took the tarp off the back of the wagon and revealed a coffin.

The patrol took the coffin, gave Phil 3 small bags of coins, and headed back to Restov immediately. Phil had quite a few other things to sell. He paid the party what was promised to them, from the gold he received, and bade them all farewell, following the patrol back to Restov. Though Phil didn’t need to go to Restov, he didn’t want to take any chance of bandits looting his gold or his remaining goods and traveling with armed guards seemed safe enough.

The rest of the day went by uneventful, however the party discussed traveling to Restov themselves.



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