The River Kingdoms

Pharast 24, 4708 (cont'd)

Lance takes a chance. He sees ‘good’ in our only surviving prisoner and strikes a deal. He pays him one gold per day and in return Pete Saykes is on our team. He will be travelling with us from now on. Hopefully he doesn’t trip on a blade.

We decide to go after the bandits in the woods. We are taking Pete with us. It is 2 days travel from here to the bandit’s camp. We take the wagon and 4 horses, exactly what the bandits arrived with. Pete and Jayce are riding out front. Zirul is in second rank with another riderless horse. Lianna and Kalee are driving the wagon and Lance is riding in the wagon with his dog Bolt.

Pete’s boss is Kressle, she is now in control of the bridge across the Thorn River. She is a ranger and fights using hand axes. She is apparently very mean. Story about someone looking through the loot before Kressle had a chance to. She cut off both his hands and set him loose in the forest.

Pete Saykes turns out to be quite helpful and not so much. He knows the direct route to the camp, but not much else in terms of natural hazards along the way.

We leave – light precipitation and somewhat breezy. We leave around 11am. Travel for the day, then stop and set up camp. Set watches (Pete is not on a watch).

1st: Kalee and Rath
2nd: Jace and Lance
3rd: ZIrul and Liana

3rd watch, one of the horses starts screaming. It is being attacked by a big spider. It takes a while for the party to respond to the cries of attack. Unfortunately for Zirul, he gets bit by the spider and feels unnaturally weak. (-1 STR / bite). Kalee is intrigued. Lianna very quickly summons a dog, and the dog and Zirul kill the spider. Kalee extracts the spiders venom sack and puts the contents into a vial. The group decides to rest for the rest of the day to recuperate from the wounds taken and plan to arrive at Kressle’s camp around 2am.



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