The River Kingdoms

Pharast 25, 4708

We leave again in the morning. Travel about quarter of a day, see a cave on a rocky crag. Pete says he has never noticed it before. It is about man sized (a person could walk into it). Jayce shoots an arrow into the cave. Nothing happens. Lance sends dancing lights into the cave. It goes in for about 20 feet. Lance goes in with Bolt to investigate the cave. It opens into a cavern about 30 feet round. It looks naturally formed, no tracks leading in. The walls look like they have veins of gold.

By afternoon we hit the edge of the forest and start cutting back in towards the camp. We are a few hours from where the camp is supposed to be.

We decide to camp just outside the forest for 8 hours so that our injured member can rest.

8 hours pass uneventfully. We pack up and head into the woods.



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