The River Kingdoms

Pharast 26, 4708

We arrive at the camp around 2am. Two warning arrows are fired. We arrive at the campfire and 8 thugs plus Kressle are awake. How we managed to surprise attack them we’ll never know! Kalee and Lianna stay with the wagon and spellcast from here. Eidolon is eventually hurt enough that Lianna dismiss’ it (will come back at half HP). Kressle is knocked unconscious. All of the other thugs are killed (8 of them). Zirul is knocked unconscious a few times but we revive him.

The battle: Zirul rides into camp and is immediately attacked. Jayce quickly dismounts and joins the melee. To our surprise, Pete is the first to strike and eventually kill a member of his old band. He gains favour with his new band. Kalee hears Lianna say to herself “I guess I owe Pete an apology.” She had major doubts of his new found alliance to our group.

Lance and Bolt make what they think to be a stealthy attack into camp through the trees but at the last minute, the light from the fire illumined Lance and his attack on an archer failed. Lianna’s Eidolon draws attacks from 2 of the 8 enemies. Zirul is fighting from his mount. A bandit moves in to pierce him with his rapier. Lance sees the attack coming and tactfully kicks the rapier out of the bandit’s hand and it flies an unimaginable distance into the forest.

One at a time, Lianna and Kalee cast daze and other debilitating spells on the bad guys.

In the middle of the battle, Jayce freezes and starts talking gibberish. Kalee turns her attention to the trees, looking for an unknown spellcaster.

The wind shifts and blows smoke in Kressles eyes (critical failure on attack) and is suddenly confused and can’t cause a flank, but can still attack. She hears someone mockingly say “white rabbit, white rabbit”. Kalee hits her with a Ray of Enfeeblement and she loses 3 STR. Which comes in handy as Kressle does less damage on the very wounded Eidolon. Lianna’s next spell goes wrong and the Eidolon bites its own lip instead of Kressle. (rolled a stick and failed the next roll) and loses WIS 1.

Back to Zirul. He takes a few really good hits and slumps in his saddle. Kalee leaps from the wagon where she is safe and runs to pour a moonmoss potion down his throat. Jayce gets hit with a critical and loses 2 AC for 2 rounds. As Kalee moves to the other side of the wagon in an attempt to give Pete a moonmoss potion, Zirul takes another brutal hit and slumps in his saddle again. This time Lianna comes to his aide.

Kressle is the last ‘man’ standing and was finally subdued by Jayce. She is stripped of all her clothes and searched for Oleg’s wife’s wedding ring, but it was no where to be found on her person or her bedroll.

8x Studded leather
8x buckler
8x composite strength bow +1
156 arrows
60 gold
1x Cure light wounds potion
1x studded leather
2x masterwork hand axes
4x daggers
85 gold

Strip them of everything they are wearing. Pete says that there are two stashes of loot dug into pits in the ground. We split the party gold (440 gold).

Pete shows us where the first dugout is, about 20 feet away. He moves some brush and some sticks and there is a hole underneath, about 10 feet in diameter.
In here are sacks and crates:
321 silver
90 gold
pair of silver earrings
finely crafted wooden music box
crate with furs in it (Kalee is really interested in these warm garments, till she is reminded that they are Oleg’s)
wooden case with 8 bottles of green liquid (wine bottles?)

Pete says the other dugout is about 100 feet away from here. It takes him 15-20 minutes to find it.
In here, sacks and a crate:
Lots of rations
Crate of furs
Another case of 8 bottles of green liquid

Lance recommends that we stay here until morning. We spend the night and get 8 hours sleep (recover damaged wisdom).

Wake up Kressle to talk to her. She says that a bunch of useless loot was stolen by Mites, little fae creatures that live under a big sycamore tree out on the plains. She says that we’re doing her a favor right now and if she goes to the Stag Lord they will kill her. Something about she was supposed to get alcohol to him.

What is our plan? Are we going to go to the Mites and get the loot? Go in to the forest further and go after the Stag Lord? Or go back to Oleg’s?



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