The River Kingdoms

Pharast 3, 4708 (afternoon)

Kalee, Rath and Lance follow the tracks left by the bandits to a copse of trees an hour’s ride east. They were able to get close enough to investigate without being seen. The bandits were debating on what they should do with the girl. One of the bandits mentioned that Redd their leader would be back in an hour or so and he would decide.

Rath, Kalee and Lance set up an ambush, and began to shoot blowgun darts and crossbow fire from the surrounding bushes. The bandits had trouble finding locating the source of the fire, and by the time they were able to fire back, one bandit dropped. The other two bandits looked for a means to escape the ambush, and one attempted to quickly mount a nearby horse. Lance shot a crossbow bolt into the rump of the horse, which made it run dragging one of the bandits for 10 feet before he let go. That bandit chased after the fleeing horse.

The final brigand was nearly dead from Kalee impaling it with multiple blow darts, so Rath jumped out from behind cover to finish him off. The bandit got one final blow in on Rath before getting chopped down. Kalee and Rath grabbed two nearby horses and ran down the fleeing bandit.

Now the party has a bandit and a child.

The party waited for Redd to come back, setting up an ambush. Redd came back as expected, and everyone fired crossbows and blowdarts at Redd. Redd quickly jumped on his horse and escaped. The party did not pursue. There is no doubt that Redd will be back with more men to secure his forward base.

So the question is now… What does the party do with the bandit, and what does the party do with the child? The party is 3 days out from Pitax currently.



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