The River Kingdoms

Pharast 3, 4708 (late afternoon)

After formulating a plan to find Redd’s base camp to possibly rescue the little girl’s mother, Rath and Kalee took the bandit back to the caravan for questioning. Knowing that Redd would be coming back, this time with reinforcements, Lance stayed behind to set up a decoy ambush. He rigged crossbows to trigger wires, dug pit traps and stoked the fires as if we were still occupying the camp. His ‘piece de resistance’ was to leave a note for Redd. “Sorry you missed us, we are at your base camp.”

After questioning, Zirul’s knife accidentally found its way across the bandit’s throat and the party was off to find Redd’s camp. Rath stayed with the caravan as protection as it was to proceed further south out of site from the camp. After Phil D’Cart refused to travel further without all his guards, Rath left him and the little girl and joined the party as they completed the journey to Redd’s camp.

The camp appeared well established with three camp fires, multiple tents & carts, and general mules milling about. Without warning to his party Lance, riding on his dog, charged into camp and attacked the first person he saw. So much for a surprise attack! He was soon surrounded. Rath joined the battle as did Jayce and Liana with Zirul charging in on his mighty steed. Rath soon realized that to stay in the middle of camp was not a good thing, so he took to the trees to find the mother, who could be heard screaming as she was being violated in a far off tent. Kalee started defend her party but realized that they had things handled and went to find the mother.

For a time, it looked as though the bandits had the upper hand and the battle was lost. Zirul and Jayce were flanked and the dire rats Liana was summoning were being killed as fast as she could summon them. The tides turned as Zirul and Jayce learned each others fighting styles. Zirul’s horse even got in a few good kicks and bites. Liana summoned a riding dog that held off the bandits attacking, allowing her to some damage on her own.

As Jayce, Zirul and Liana were taking care of the camp bandits, Lance slipped away and joined Rath circling camp through the trees to rescue the mother. They were spotted and although they fought valiantly, rolling several critical dice hits, both fell to their injuries, out of site of the rest of the party.

Kalee found her way without being spotted to the tent the mother was being assaulted by one of Redd’s lieutenants while another stood guard. Kalee snuck into the tent unnoticed by both and with her sleep inducing darts subdued the assaulting guard. Whispering to the mother to keep screaming, Kalee gave her a knife to cut her way out the back of the tent. Using the tent as cover, Kalee began to shot sleeping tipped darts at the second lieutenant. Eventually he too slumped into deep slumber.

The camp was raided of all things valuable (included a fully cooked haunch of deer), healing herbs, weapons and horses, the party made a hasty retreat before Redd and the rest of his bandits came back.

Mother and daughter were reunited and given the choice to keep with the caravan and continue on to the next trading camp or take one of the horses and make their way back to Pitax.



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