The River Kingdoms

Pharast 4, 4708

The mother & daughter chose to take a horse, rations and a weapon (Lance gave her 30 gold out of his own pocket) and left the caravan and went back to Pitax.

The lieutenant that Kalee put to sleep at Redd’s camp eventually woke up only to find himself strapped to the back of a horse in an uncomfortable position. Jayce had tied him quite securely and he was unable to loosen his bonds. After he was interrogated and gave no useful information, he accidentally slipped on a wet rock and landed on his own knife, fatally wounding himself. That is the story, anyway.

After team discussion of what little the lieutenant revealed, a theory was proposed that Captain Keel could be “The Black Marquis – Pirate of the North”. Captain Keel is a slaver who has taken family members from Kalee, Rather and Zirul. They are all looking for him.



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