The River Kingdoms

Pharast 5-7, 4708

At this point we went through the loot and after taking what each thought was valuable, agreed to sell the rest and share the gold.

Loot listing:
2 Boomerang (at least that is what Kalee calls them), other than her, you’ve never seen this type of weapon before. * – Kalee gave one to Phil in trade of a cup of Mwangi Coffee
3 Hunga Munga (again, Kalee is the only one who knows what this is)
6 Man catchers
3 Launching Crossbows
12 Sword breaker Daggers
12 Lucerne Hammers
3 Taldan Scizore
1 Obsidian box with white arcane runes etched on the outside. Not sure how to open it yet.
1 Sextant
1 Hollow Prosthetic Leg
12 jars of Moonmoss healing salves (you already took) – 2D8 initial healing + 1hp / hour for 8 hours. *
6 jars of Antiplague – * distributed
1 Thurible
3 tents
6 sling gloves
12 Sica
(2)6 pairs of blade boots – *
4 given out Jayce, Lance, Rath, Zirul
(6)12 masterwork backpacks * 6 distributed
12 Iron vials
6 Waterproof Lanterns
48 bottles of perfume
24 Bodybalm- *
24 Bloodblock- * distributed
24 Desnan Candle Fireworks
The party also confiscated 6 horses.

Fearing that Redd would gather his troops and track the party for revenge, the party double timed their travel for the next three days. On the third day, Lance set up a trip wire that would set off a sent of fireworks, alerting the party to pending trackers. The skies did not reveal any followers.

There was a new moon on the 7th in the clear night sky.

The mages and rogues investigate the magic box. There is a spell cast on the box, low level spell, probably an arcane lock. It would need a very good lock picker to open it or else a knock spell. The box has something relatively large in it, about the size/shape of the box – it does not move much if the box is shaken.

On the 7th of March, fresh wagon tracks were found on the trail.



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