The River Kingdoms

Pharast 8-9, 4708

We caught up to a slow moving Varisian caravan (gypsies) of 10 wagons. They were very hospitable, inviting us to join their caravan for the night, share watches, meals and perhaps trade goods.

The gypsies were even so kind as to clear the snow away from our campsite to ensure we were drier and warmer.

Phil knew all about these people and warned us to watch our pockets. He made himself a pot of Mwangi coffee (Kalee traded one of the Mwangi boomerangs for a cup) and posted himself outside this wagon. Determined not be swindled or thieved, he stayed up all night.

Kalee on the other hand, strung out from the coffee proceeded to mingle with all the Varisians. She visited the elder healers, the fighters and the women attempting to learn more about the herbs they use for healing (and darker uses) and drank probably a bit too much wine.

Lance, taking Phil’s advice on guarding our goods, sat his faithful dog Bolt on his cart and commanded him to ‘guard’. Eventually Bolt started growling and barking. Lance cast a ‘speak with animal’ spell and hears Bolt frantically announcing the approach of strangers. Although the stranger could not be seen, Bolt focused his attention on the direction in which he could hear the footsteps. The Varisians obviously cleared the snow, so they could invisibly steal goods from their wagons, without the footsteps being seen. After Bolt calmed down, Lance redistributed the snow around his wagon and our tents.

Zirul went in search of the Seer of the gypsy caravan and was quite disappointed when all he got read was his cards and palms by a Harrower. Though very cryptic, his fortune revealed a brother, the ‘mother’ is in the center of the story, darkness surrounds the brother, and a voyage was in his future.

Jayce goes to the same Harrower and was told a similar story but with some different points of interest. A princess will set him free. He is from a dark place and will visit it again and will confront someone very bad. Will help to free a slave from the pirates. Will also go on a voyage by boat and something bad will happen.

After Liana’s watch, she went looking for their lorekeeper to see if she knew anything about Zhamoor (an old wizard that interested her in her studies). The Harrower has not heard the name but offers to read her fortune. She said there is treasure, she says there are fortunes in store for her. She reiterated that there are big riches in store for her. The treasure is defended by something, and she finally pulled a tree card. Headed to the forest? Treasure in the forest? One of the people she is traveling with will be able to get past the defender somehow – she will not be able to. There is something evil there. Someone is going to die there; someone in my group is going to die. At the treasure. Not sure how. Someone that Liana is close to or that she knows is royalty or has power. Does Liana know any slaves? It’s all connecting to the treasure. The slave has a darker skin, not from here.

The night passes without further incident. Morning comes, Phil is just as wide eyed as he was the night before and after helping the gypsies with they damaged wagon, the party leaves.



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